Why the name “Decay Studio” ?

Years ago while still a teenager, my room, like many other rooms of teenage children was a huge mess. My room was more than a bedroom though as most of it was taken up with equipment for creating various mediums of art. As friends came over to create with me they experienced and added to the mess. One day we had a pizza and left a slice in the box. Nearly two weeks later while cleaning I went to throw the box away and realized a slice was still inside. It had dried out into a kind of rock but not rotting. When I mentioned it to the friends who shared the pizza with me, one kept asking "why dint that thing just decay?" As a kind of joke the workspace/studio/bedroom was called "Decay Studio" and since then the name has stuck.

Now while the place I create things in today is not as messy as the room from my teen years, it’s still a bit of a mess. Though I always make sure food items are taken care of right away and not left behind. ;)